What is business analysis?

Business Analysis involves looking holistically at the business, considering the people, processes, IT and organisation as a whole. Understanding how the company operates and its strategy for the future enables business analysts to identify opportunities for change, recommend solutions that will deliver value to stakeholders and facilitate and implement that change to realise the benefits. Following a structured approach Sirius B.I. has the specialised knowledge to lead a company through the unknown territory and act as a guide to get it to its desired destination, all whilst improving future business practices.

The Sirius B.I. enhanced reporting approach:

1 – Investigate the current situation.

A holistic approach to analysing where a company is in terms of the organisation, people, processes and IT is taken and the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats affecting the business are assessed. External influences affecting the company such as political, environmental, sociological, technological, legal and economic factors are also taken into account. This makes establishing the company’s mission, objectives, strategy, and tactics simpler and more efficient.

2 – Consider differing perspectives.

Individual stakeholder perspectives regarding the direction and market position of the company are compiled and analysed. This gives an overall understanding of the business a company is in and helps formulate a strategy for moving the company forwards.

3 – Analyse the gap.

In order to develop and improve a company’s efficiency and strength in the marketplace it is crucial to understand where it currently stands in the market and where the ideal position is. Once the two points have been mapped the gap between location and destination can be analysed. Taking the findings of this analysis on board Sirius B.I. formulates the best strategies available to drive the company towards the desired position within the market.

4 – Evaluate options.

Once the available strategies have been compiled, they are evaluated to assess which is best suited for closing the gap between present location and desired position. For each option, a cost/benefit and a risk/impact analysis is carried out to ensure the most suitable option for the business change project is implemented.

Why choose Sirius B.I?

Working with a range of systems, Sirius B.I. has the ability to breakdown silos within data. For example, the Sirius B.I. enhanced reporting service enables a company to monitor the effect of website traffic on sales and the conversion rates of specific sales people in relation to products and market types. Sirius B.I. is expert in Sage, Xero, Kashflow, Dynamics GP and a range of other accounting software. This knowledge base allows underlying business data to be accessed and the opportunities it presents to be maximised. Crystal and Sage reporting are used to make bespoke changes to existing reports and SQL querying is employed to create insights in data enabling appropriate action to be taken.

To find out more about the enhanced reporting service take a look at the “case studies” section or contact Sirius B.I. for more information.