What is business process optimisation?

Business Process Optimisation is the targeted improvement and redesign of processes, with the specific goal of promoting efficiencies and supporting the alignment of operations with organisational goals and strategies. Understanding how the business operates, streamlining inefficient processes and having the right staff doing the right tasks will optimise business performance. Working smarter, not harder, will make delivering services and products more cost-effective while improving overall bottom-line performance.

The Sirius B.I. business process optimisation methodology:

1. Understand the business and its goals.

Ensuring a clear understanding of why a company is in business, what the company does and where it is heading allows Sirius B.I. to assess if the correct processes, systems, and people are in place to achieve company objectives.

2. Review current processes and systems.

Reviewing and documenting the existing methods creates an understanding of how each department fits together and how information flows through a business. Identifying areas for improvement such as; reducing the duplication of tasks, bottlenecks, automating a manual process, reducing waiting times and improving the flow of information, adds value to the customer. Reducing time and money spent on processes increases efficiency and profitability.

3. Recommend improvements to the process.

Analysing current system usage enables shortfalls to be identified and the capabilities of the system to be used to their full potential. Assessing the cost and benefits associated with each improvement gives clarity on the best approach to maximising the systems already in place.

4. Implement the new process flows.

Creating “buy-in” to the new way of working will ensure the business process optimisation project’s success. Delivering new process maps, documentation and training users on the new system creates a support structure that maximises the integration of the new system.

Why use Sirius B.I?

Qualified in accountancy and business analysis, with industry experience in human resources and Lean Six Sigma, Sirius B.I’s skill set combines perfectly to allow a holistic approach to business process optimisation. Expertise in multiple financial systems, people management and system management enable Sirius B.I. to give a fresh perspective, backed up by practical experience and a thorough understanding of the relevant system tools. These tools and base of knowledge are then used to identify where more can be gained from existing systems and to streamline and maximise efficiencies.

To find out more about the business process optimisation service take a look at the “case studies” section or contact Sirius B.I. for more information.