What is business intelligence?

Business intelligence is the process of transforming data and performing analysis to create insights enabling a company to make more informed business decisions. Taking all available data and pulling it together to break down the silos between systems will ensure increased visibility in all areas of business and that the information is presented in a meaningful visual way.

Business intelligence covers processes and methods of collecting and analysing data from business operations to optimise performance. Sirius B.I. uses Power BI to unlock the secrets hidden in company data, providing dashboards to show the story and finding the insights for what’s driving business so opportunities can be maximised using positive trends in data.

Examples of business intelligence:

  • Dashboards
  • Data Mining
  • Data Querying
  • Data Visualisation
  • Reporting
Business Process Optimisation

Why use Sirius B.I?

Sirius B.I. has a huge base of knowledge, are qualified in accountancy and highly literate in accounting software systems such as; Sage, Xero, Kashflow, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics GP and also MRP manufacturing systems such as Redthorn and Prodman.

 Industry experience means Sirius B.I. fully understand the practical day to day operations company’s face and the factors that affect financial performance. Coupling this real-world experience with knowledge of an extensive range of financial systems Sirius B.I. is ideally placed to bridge the gap between finance, IT and end-users needs.

This unique combination of skill sets allows Sirius B.I. to cover all bases when it comes to a company’s business intelligence needs.

To find out more about the business intelligence service take a look at the “case studies” section or contact Sirius B.I. for more information.