What is data migration?

Data migration is required as a result of introducing a new system; it is the process of moving data from one program into another. Sirius B.I. support data migrations for accounting software systems such as; Sage, Xero, Kashflow, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics GP and also MRP manufacturing systems such as Redthorn and Prodman. 

The Sirius B.I. data migration process:

1 – Analyse the data.

The data held in the original system is analysed and checked for inconsistencies and potential errors that could cause issues when migrated into the new system. By analysing the data, the suitability of the new system can be assessed to check it is the correct option for the company and to ensure it is the best option for the system upgrade.

2 – Extract and transform data.

Tools such as SQL and Crystal are used to extract the necessary data into Excel before being transformed. After analysing the data, it is extracted from the old data system and made ready for the transformation stage of the process. Once the extraction is complete the data is transformed into the correct format for the new data system software. Any formatting and incompatibility issues are manually addressed and corrected in preparation for insertion into the chosen data system.

3 – Load data into a test environment.

Before the transformed data is migrated into a live system Sirius B.I. load the data into a test environment. The use of a test environment safeguards against loss of data due to corruption or incompatibility issues. Any potential problems are highlighted by running a test environment simulation and any necessary changes are made.

4 – Validate the data.

The final stage before going live is to validate the data and confirm it is ready for implementation into the live system of the new software. The final validation is a further safeguard against data loss, crucial in ensuring that all the data is intact and correctly formatted in the new environment. 

5 – Load data into a live system.

Once the data is extracted, transformed, tested and validated it is ready for live implementation. Ongoing live all the benefits of the new system software can be accessed and applied to a company’s historic and present data without fear of data loss.

Why choose Sirius B.I?

Understanding the data that needs to be moved and how it will fit into the new system is a vital part of successful data migration. Sirius B.I. has a wealth of industry knowledge and understanding of business data. Such in-depth knowledge of business data and systems associated with it means Sirius B.I. are ideally suited to facilitate data migration without issue or excessive down time.

The complexity of the data and the new system directly affects the length of time the process takes. However, Sirius B.I. work closely with clients, to ensure all critical data is accessible within the capabilities of the new system.