What is system review and development?

System review involves analysing the existing IT systems used by a company to assess what they do well and where they fall short in supporting business growth. The development aspect encompasses the design, implementation and monitoring of system improvements in order to maximise the use of IT in achieving company goals and objectives.

Our system development approach:

1 – Investigation and Analysis.

Conducting a full review of existing systems enables Sirius B.I. to identify areas where improvements to the current business systems and processes are possible. Running a user system diagnostic evaluation allows a full analysis to be undertaken. Combining a vast understanding of IT systems with in-depth industry knowledge enables Sirius B.I. to assess the parts of a system that work efficiently and those that are counterproductive. 

2 – Design.

Taking the results of the system analysis and discussing them with management a full list of system requirements is compiled. Liaising with the company Sirius B.I. are able to design a bespoke system that provides full IT support for the company to improve efficiency and maximise company growth. 

3 – Build.

Following the design process a physical system build is undertaken. Sirius B.I combines the analysis data with extensive industry knowledge and the ideal world desires of company management to create a bespoke solution to the company’s system needs.

4 – Testing.

The build is tested in the real-world environment enabling end users to compare the new system with the previous one. The test stage allows end users to be given input into the new system this creates “buy-in” and helps iron out any areas that need tweaking to make the new system as efficient and streamlined as possible.

5 – Implementation.

Once the test stage is complete and any alterations to the initial build have been made Sirius B.I. implement the new system. The implementation of the new system involves installing it on site and training staff in its updated features.

6 – Maintenance and support.

Sirius B.I. offer full maintenance and system support services. If the system encounters any problems during day-to-day operations Sirius B.I. will address the issues. Ensuring a company is able to operate at full efficiency without suffering reduced operational output. Full support is given allowing staff to tap into the extensive Sirius B.I. knowledge base and get the most from the IT system being used.

Why choose Sirius B.I?

Sirius B.I. has extensive experience in developing systems to integrate with Sage and Microsoft Dynamics GP. Automating the manual processes and utilising the system to streamline processes, reduces the duplication of tasks, reduces the possibility of human error, and standardises the approach operations. Streamlining and fine-tuning processes in house allows a more efficient customer facing experience allowing increased growth and profitability.

To find out more about the system review and development service take a look at the “case studies” section or contact Sirius B.I. for more information.