Management accounts

Practical experience in all areas of management accounts enables Sirius B.I. to offer monthly/quarterly insights into business health by providing financial information and tracking a variety of KPI’s.

Financial forecasting

In order to gain a clearer understanding of where a business is heading Sirius B.I. use forecasting tools to project the direction of a business. Using the data produced by business, plans, budgets and financial forecasts are formulated to promote business growth.

Enhanced reporting

Sirius B.I. is expert in extracting data from business systems, SQL querying and report production in both Sage and Crystal. Report analysis enables efficient and streamlined data usage to promote business health. Looking at the business as a whole Sirius B.I. uses the information to analyse the trends across multiple sectors of the business. Guiding a business through the analytical process Sirius B.I. create KPI’s, dashboards and reporting packs that drive business decisions based on timely accurate data.

Business analysis

Sirius B.I. assess the current position and future strategies to identify areas for change within a business using data analysis techniques set out in the BCS business analysis diploma. Taking this information Sirius B.I. recommends a course of action for business change that supports specific goals.

Business intelligence

Sirius B.I. uses next level business intelligence software such as Power BI to unlock the hidden secrets within business data. Strategies are created to map out a plan for improved business health.

Data migration

Sirius B.I. has extensive experience in efficiently migrating data between business systems including Sage, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Xero, Kashflow, SAP, Prodman and Redthorn, while minimising the impact on day to day business operations.

System review and development

Sirius B.I. review existing systems and offer updated solutions for implementing automation of manual processes.  Full training in newly implemented systems and software training in Sage, Microsoft Dynamics GP and Xero is also available.

Business process optimisation

Sirius B.I. has a proven track record in improving business processes in SME. Using the ethos of continuous improvement coupled with extensive Lean Six Sigma experience, opportunities for streamlining operations, improving efficiency and automating manual processes are identified.