ERP implementation


Outgrowing the Sage Line 50 system in a multinational company and moving to the Microsoft Dynamics GP system with a Salespad add-on to unify systems across the company has a high risk for the loss of data. Safeguarding information and training employees in the new ERP system is time consuming and complicated.


Sirius works with a Microsoft partner from the US on the set up of Microsoft Dynamics GP and Salespad for European offices within the company structure. The data migration is transferred into a test environment and extensive testing carried out. Varying needs between different parts of the company are considered and addressed via consultation with the developer. Common problems such as different levels of VAT between one country and another that cause problems with VAT reporting are addressed at this point.

With qualified accountants and systems specialists on hand Sirius are able to ensure the system is set up correctly from the beginning. All the processes are documented in the new system with easy to use as training guides and process maps, so new users understand precisely what is required.

Once users are trained in the test system and are comfortable, the system goes live and the previous system becomes obsolete immediately. Teething problems are quickly ironed out, full training is provided and there is minimal downtime in the transition between new and old systems.

Time and attendance implementation


With company growth there is an increase in employee numbers and as such there is a higher level of complexity when it comes to managing staff. A system is required to keep track of employee punctuality and when employees were vacant from the premises in case of fire or emergency.


Sirius implement the TMS Time and Attendance software by Mitrefinch, this enables all employee information to be kept current and in one place. Managing holidays on spreadsheets is negated and is done using an automated system. Employees clock in/out directly from a widget on their Microsoft Outlook and also request holidays and check any holiday entitlements without needing to contact HR. The managers are able to see from their Outlook widget which employees were present and are notified if employees are late via email.

Holiday authorisation is automated, employees process a request through their Outlook widget and the system automatically checks that it meets criteria. This process improvement reduces any double booking of holidays that previously occurred in the manual system and reduces the time taken to authorise the holiday. The request is emailed directly to management and is then accepted or declined with successful applications automatically added to the holiday system.

Accountability and ease of access to information regarding staff, speeds up any process involving employee data and also incentivises staff members with time keeping issues to improve their punctuality.

Restructure of spare parts system


Lack of uniformity in description of products leads to the inability to track parts, process orders and increases the complexity of stock taking.


Sirius creates a standard part numbering system that correlates directly to each product manual. It makes finding the correct part in the system as simple as possible. Creating 25,000+ new part numbers in the system by importing from Excel, then updating the parts numbers in the relevant areas of the warehouse ensures all the products are now uniform virtually and physically.

The process involves creating a new product number and barcode for every item. The products are assigned a BIN location, scanned out of stock on the old part number and re introduced into stock using the new numbering and barcode system. It is a time consuming task in the setup stage but taking time over setup ensures infinitely more efficient processing and stock control going forwards. Scanning and re scanning every item has the added advantage of stock taking every item on hand so from the onset of the new system stock levels are 100 % accurate.

This process and its implementation also highlights any products that appear on the system under multiple part numbers, the parts are either merged under one number or the separate part numbers are linked to avoid duplicate ordering when one product number is showing as out of stock.

Sage training – purchase order processing – sales order processing


Not having professional tuition in Sage leads to it not being used to its full potential and inefficient methods being used to complete functions.


Sirius works with many clients to review existing systems and identify areas for improvement. Many of these improvements come from automating existing manual processes. A lot of clients are not using the sales and purchase order processing in Sage to its full potential. Sirius also provided training on Sage projects and tailored reports specifically for the needs of the business.

A lot of value is gained from training users on the more advanced functions of Sage, Xero or any like accounting system for relatively little cost. Recommendations regarding Sage add-on solutions are made for optimising bespoke solution such as scheduling deliveries and business intelligence which enables the existing system to be used in a far more efficient way both saving time and money.